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5 Apr 2023

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Japan Formally Joins US-led "Chip Wars" Against China

Japan has now formally agreed to ally with the US in the “chip wars” between the US and China, annoncing that it is expanding restrictions on exporting 23 types of chips. The US has been lobbying both Japan and the Netherlands for months to restrict their exports to China. The Japanese government's new policy recquires licenses to ship chipmaking equipment, even as it maintains the new policy is independent of the US and not specifically targeted at China.

“These export controls apply to all regions and are not meant to target any one country,” according to Japan's Trade Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura. “((However,) we will be looking at whether there is any danger of military appropriation.”

The new licensing regulations are scheduled to go into effect in July. A spokesperson for China's government reiterated the view that the US-driven policy “weaponizes” trade and will not bring positive results for any nation.

Photo of METI Headquarters in Tokyo.

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