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13 Mar 2023

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Japan's NTT Commits $4.5 Billion in India Investment over Next Few Years

Japan's NTT continues to see India as a growing market, planning to invest $4.5 billion there within the next few years. The company projects its India revenue to double to more than $1 billion within that time.

NTT currently operates high-density, carrier-neutral data centers across India, in the Delhi/Noida, Mumbai Bengaluru, and Chennai areas. It says it is the country's “leading managed hosting and multicloud hybrid IT solution provider,” and has now operated data centers in India for more than 20 years.

Just one example of its operations is the Mumbai VII facility, covering 10,300 square meters and carrying 25.6MW of IT load in what it calls a low-risk area. A smaller, focused center is the Noida Data Center (DEL 1), covering 1,800 square meters and pulling 1.5MW of IT load. NTT says this facility is ranked number one in the Noida market. The company says it seeks “maximum levels of power availability, along with energy efficiency and sustainability” for all of its India operations.

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