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16 Jan 2023

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Mark van Rijmenam's Top 2023 Trends: NFTs, Web3, RPA, AR/VR, Generative AI, Blockchains All in the Mix

Dr. Mark van Rijmenam runs Datafloq, a Netherlands-based company that focuses on all the good stuff found in today's great Digital Transformation. Current big topics include Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Metaverse, IoT, Robotics, Cybersecurity, and the technical developments and strategies behind effective startups in these spaces.

Mark recently published his Top 10 predictions for 2023. They are more nuanced and detailed than most of the predictions one can encounter in the tech business, and thus make for interesting thoughts and discussions:

* VR and AR adoption will increase with Apple entering the market

* NFTs will continue to be a key innovation in blockchain technology

* Web3 will move from Proof-of-Concept to alpha

* Language models will change online content

* Generative AI will drive the metaverse

* Blockchains will become more sustainable, except for Bitcoin

* Digital illiteracy will be a rising concern

* Cybersecurity threats will cause trillions in damages

* RPA (Robotic Process Automation) will make organizations more humane

* Sustainable technology will be a priority for brands and consumers

Each of these topics is worthy of a separate article. The IDCA is interested in general feedback regarding Mark's thoughts, and specific thoughts about which of these are of the highest priority.

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