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22 Aug 2022

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Microsoft Plans to Build a New Data Center in San Antonio, Texas

Microsoft has announced its plans to build another data center in San Antonio, Texas. The new facility, built on an existing Microsoft data center site, will be constructed in collaboration with CPS Energy.

The tech giant plans to open a data center in San Antonio, Texas. After filing paperwork with the State of Texas, the company plans to develop the SAT15 data center at 3555 Westover Link in San Antonio's Bexar County.

A large project in progress, the new construction will cover 245,000 sq ft and have an expected cost of $215.9 million. Construction will start in October and is projected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024.

Microsoft is developing a new campus at 3545 Wiseman Blvd in less than two miles. In addition, The tech giant company plans to build up to five colocation buildings on the SAT14 site, totaling around 350,000 square feet (32,500 square meters) at an estimated cost of over $200 million.

Moreover, the company is also constructing the SAT46 center. The project, set to open at the company's existing Texas Research Park campus on 15000 Block Lambda Drive, will cost $140 million and a total of 79,385 square feet.

In 2008, Microsoft opened its first South Central US Azure region in Texas, with three availability zones. In 2017, it opened a U.S. Gov Texas Azure region. In addition, it has office space and 158 acres of land in the Texas Research Park, on which it plans to spend $1 billion to build 1 million square feet of data center space.

Additionally, the company owns Chevron Corporation, a data center situated at 5200 Rogers Road, which it acquired in October 2017.

Another company to set up its data center in San Antonio is Amazon Web Services. The company filed plans to build three data centers in the city under the project name 'Blackfish.' Those data centers were set to be completed by the end of 2021.

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