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9 Oct 2023

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Microsoft is Now Rolling Out Its AI Apps for Windows and Office

Microsoft started rolling out its AI assistant for Windows in late September, after announcing it in May. It also announced it will have its Office AI app on November 1.

Company CEO Satya Nadella promised “a unified experience across operating systems, applications and devices” at a public announcement in New York. “We’ve seen that the most magical and empowering moments people have experienced with AI is when it’s informed with the context that extends way beyond what’s in front of them,” Nadella said. “This requires that what we think of today as (the) separate categories of search, productivity, operating systems devices all come together and evolve.”

Microsoft's Office AI app has been in testing since March with about 600 customers, according to the company, and will be priced at $30 per user per month. Microsoft also said it tested the Windows app with a cross-section of users as well.

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