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27 Mar 2023

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New Datacenter Planned for Jordan

A new data center is planned to be built in the King Hussein Business Park in the Amman, Jordan area. It was announced by the Dubai property firm Damac.

Jordan's “accessibility across the Middle East and Africa” was cited as a reason for the location, according to Damac chairman Hussain Sajwani. He also said that Jordan has “clear aspirations for foreign investment and digital growth, (with) a young population and a lot to offer in terms of technological innovation.”

Damac plans to complete a 20MW data center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia later this year, and also may build in a few EU nations.

Jordan currently ranks 105th among 147 nations in the inaugural IDCA Smart Nations Digital Readiness of Nations Index. Its ranking is mostly affected by a small percent of renewable energy in the country, currently sitting well below 10% of total power generation. Its server footprint is also quite modest, so there is plenty of potential to grow in this area.

Photo of a Damac Data Center floor.

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