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12 May 2023

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Online Identity in Africa Featured in Nairobi Event in Late May 2023

The Brussels-based non-profit Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) will participate in ID4Africa in late May in Nairobi, Kenya on 23-25. SIA attendees will “explore the development of digital trust frameworks and present the European digital wallet approach,” according to an Alliance statement.

Chairman Didier Truttwill present on the European Digital Identity (EUDI) Wallet and its role in enabling interoperability of trust within the ecosystem. SIA will also host its mid-year OSIA Advisory Committee meeting and dinner, inviting government agencies interested in the OSIA open standard to contact them or visit their welcome pod in the exhibition area.

There will also be a panel discussion featuring Debora Comparin, Chair of the OSIA Initiative at SIA, to discusse collaboration and interoperability. Debora and Stephanie de Labriolle, Public Affairs & International Relations at SIA, will calso ontribute to a workshop focused on building people-centric, demand-driven digital public infrastructure to transform public and private sector services.

The SIA represents public and private actors and organizations active across the secure identity ecosystem and adjacent industries. Its mission is “to unlock the full power of identity so that people, economy, and society thrive,” according to its mission statement. Its OSIA is an open standard set of interfaces (APIs) “that enables seamless connectivity between building blocks of the identity management ecosystem – independent of technology, solution architecture or vendor, according to an organizational statement.

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