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11 Apr 2023

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Shanghai's SenseTime Demonstrates Variety of AGI Projects

Shanghai-based SenseTime, with roots in academic AI, recently laid out its current vision and product strategy during a day-long event in Hong Kong.

The company has developed what it calls the SenseNova foundation model set, with capabilities in natural language processing, content generation, automated data annotation, and custom model training.

The company says it has also built what it calls SenseCore, an AI infrastructure with 27,000 GPUs, capable of delivering a total computational power of 5,000 petaflops, “making it one of the largest intelligent computing platforms in Asia,” according to a company statement.

Prof. Wang Xiaogang, company Co-founder and Chief Scientist, said, “AGI has given rise to a new research paradigm, which is based on powerful foundation models, unlocking new capabilities through reinforcement learning and human feedback, therefore efficiently solving open-ended tasks. AGI will evolve from a 'data flywheel' to a 'wisdom flywheel', ultimately leading to human-machine symbiosis.”

SenseChat is another manifestation of SenseTime's work. Described as a large-scale language model (LLM) with hundreds of billions of parameters, it focuses on analyzing data while considering the Chinese context “to better understand and process Chinese texts,” the company says.

SenseTime demonstrated a number of other projects during its overall presentation, while noting that “whether it is the large language model or text-to-image creation or digital human generation, they all require large-scale computing power.”

Photo of Prof. Wang Xiaogang by SenseTime.

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