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2 Mar 2022

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Ukraine's Internet Exchanges suffer from equipment destruction and power outages

Internet exchanges across Ukraine struggle to provide internet service for civilians, businesses, and government agencies as war rages in large parts of the country. Netblocks and other services are reporting outages in Kharkiv, Druzhkovka, Shakhtersk, Mariupol, Melitopol, Voznesenski, Kramatorsk, Lubny, and Kyiv.

Despite being hard to verify, reports indicate that more than 500 large and small facilities in Ukraine's digital infrastructure have been hit by missiles or bombs, or have suffered power outages. The country's fixed-line infrastructure has taken a beating, though mobile connectivity has been available in many parts of the country. Starlink satellite communication is now available in Ukraine as well, so connectivity should improve over the next few days, depending on the war situation, of course. According to information published by Space News, Starlink satellites cover the entire territory of Ukraine. Starlink's impact will be heavily influenced by the number of terminals Elon Musk can ship to Ukraine.

Currently, there is no reliable information regarding the fate of the more than 30 data centers located in and around cities like Kiev and Kharkiv.

Photo credit: Netblocks

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