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8 Jul 2022

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Umlaut's new campus helps digital economies migrate to 5G

Umlaut, a unit of Accenture, has launched a private 5G standalone, Open RAN network in Aachen, Germany. Through the 5G Campus Lab, companies across industries can design, test, and implement ultra-high-speed and low-latency connectivity solutions faster without having to build their own networks.

A variety of applications will be tested on the 5G campus network, including logistics, manufacturing, health & life, utilities, and other industries. As part of the lab, the economic benefits of upgrading a digital economy to 5G connectivity will also be demonstrated.

By teaming with umlaut's lab campus, companies, government agencies, and other organizations can realize their application scenarios using the company's expertise. In this way, they can get insights into the technical and other implications of 5G networks for their digital infrastructure. This is without having to apply for a license and build their own network. For companies that do have the assets to build their own private network, they can make use of the available services to design, deploy, optimize and operate their network. They can train and familiarize themselves in private network management techniques and processes.

It is also possible for companies and government agencies to validate their existing 5G use cases to identify and resolve issues up-front, such as ensuring that different end-devices and sensors can work together smoothly. They can also experiment with use cases developed by umlaut. These include areas such smart manufacturing, process automation, predictive maintenance, telemedicine with a digitized rescue chain and real-time augmented reality for digital twins.

Photo credit: umlaut

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