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27 Dec 2022

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V.tal Plans a 4MW Data Center in Porto Alegre, Brazil

V.tal, a Brazilian fiber firm part of telco GlobeNet, is proud to announce plans to construct a new data center in Porto Alegre, Brazil. With a capacity of 4MW, the new data center will offer several services, including cloud storage and hosting, as well as web-based computing services.

"V.tal maintains an expansion plan in several regions of Brazil to meet the localized realities of operators, providers, and OTTs and the growing demand for real-time experiences. For example, we have already acquired property to accommodate a 4MW Edge data center in Porto Alegre," the company said.

However, the details of financial data, location, building size, and timeline still need to be released.

V.tal said it had completed 90 percent of the engineering works on its second Fortaleza facility, which was announced in September 2021. Although the new facility was initially scheduled to open in Q3 of 2022, it was further scheduled to open in January 2023.

The data center will support 400 racks and have a capacity of 4MW. Known as 'Big Lobster', the site will span over 7,000 sqm (75,350 sq ft).

The second facility in Barranquilla is currently being developed and is scheduled to go live in 2022, but the company hasn't announced a new date. Last month V.tal received an investment of 2.5 billion Brazilian Real (equal to around 470 million USD) underwritten by BTG and with funds from the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB).

The new data center will provide an array of capabilities for business customers, including access to an efficient and secure IT infrastructure. In addition, customers can take advantage of V.tal's advanced Captivate and Storyline technologies to help manage their workloads and reduce costs.

The company's commitment to providing the best data center solutions comes with several advantages for customers. The new data center will offer reliable service with increased scalability and flexibility. Furthermore, customers will benefit from V.tal's 24/7 technical support and monitoring systems to ensure their data is secure and updated.

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