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3 Feb 2022

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Worldfavor launches sustainability data framework

Worldfavor, a platform based in Stockholm (Sweden) that enables organizations to share sustainability data, has launched a Sustainability Data Framework. It builds on existing reporting regulations, frameworks, and initiatives, as well as globally recognized guidelines and principles. The tool is designed for business-to-business sharing of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data and includes a selection of standardized KPIs and questions any organization can - and should - disclose.

Worldfavor was founded on the belief that every individual and business can make a real difference by making truly sustainable decisions. The founders realized that this could only be achieved if sustainability data was readily accessible and comparable. Over 20.000 companies are now using the organization's platform to optimize sustainability work and capitalize on untapped business opportunities.

Standardized data sets

The Sustainability Data Framework covers eight regulations, 18 sustainability topics, as well as hundreds of standard KPIs and frameworks, including the EU Taxonomy, SASB, GRI Standards, and the Science Based Target Initiative - so companies can cover everything from their environmental impact to SFDR and the GHG Protocol and more.

Data sets are standardized, making them comparable and scalable over time. Worldfavor also offers a user interface that makes managing all sustainability information easy.

Photo credit: Brett Sayles

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