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9 May 2022

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Zayo and Equinix complete first 400G data center trial

A 400 Gigabit per second (400G) trial between data centers in Slough (UK) and Paris has been completed by Zayo Group and Equinix. The trial took place in Q1 2022. With 400G, companies should be able to move massive amounts of data more quickly. Low-latency applications will also be possible.

Zayo deployed a 500G optical channel on its 800G-enabled, DWDM network as part of the trial. Using additional bandwidth, the company deployed an extra 100G wave for enhanced monitoring capabilities, increasing visibility to ensure network stability. No traffic loss was observed during full-load testing.

By using the new 400G technology, only one 400G optical card is required instead of four 100G optical cards. As a result, there were fewer handoffs, reducing the possibility of failure. Equinix reduced costs by managing and operating its network with fewer circuits. Customers who build their networks around high bandwidth are able to differentiate themselves with these achievements.

Zayo also reduced power consumption per gigabit by 40% compared with prior-generation hardware during its trial. In addition to reducing energy costs for customers, Zayo has improved hardware and equipment efficiency.

Zayo plans to offer 400G wavelength services on most of its U.S. and European routes by the end of 2022, in response to growing customer demand for high-bandwidth and low-latency services.

Photo credit: Matthew Henry

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