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25 Aug 2023

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Department of Energy Data Center Guru Jordan Potts Joins IDCA Technical Standards Committee

WASHINGTON, DC – August 25, 2023 – Jordan Potts of the Department of Energy has joined the IDCA Technical Standards Committee. With close to two decades of experience working in data centers, Jordan has become known for his ability to handle diverse and multiple levels of responsibility.

He is highly versed and experienced in the data center's IT-centric areas of Virtualization, Networking, PC and Server repair/upgrades, Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, troubleshooting Windows Enterprise Software, VMWare ESXi, Hyper-V, Azure, Microsoft365 and MAC OS. He is currently focused on Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) with a core focus on facility efficiency, inventory management, structured cabling, racking, and power distribution.

“We are pleased to welcome Jordan to the IDCA Technical Standards Committee,” said Chairman of the IDCA Technical Standards Committee, Rich Banta, DCA®. “He is IDCA certified and thoroughly experienced in every aspect of data center operations, with particular expertise that is broad and deep in the IT itself. We look forward to his contributions to the committee's global work to drive industry standards.”

Jordan has also logged several hours in classroom training focusing on designing, deploying, and managing and is a certified Data Center Operations Manager (DCOM) by IDCA.

“I see the data center as a living, breathing organism that must be cared for, trained, and fed appropriately. These facilities are unique in their design and application, and it's important to fully appreciate the scope of involvement in design, construction, and activation of these facilities,” Jordan said. “Through IDCA, I hope to enable enterprise and government organizations to implement resilient infrastructure that is cost effective, safe, and has real longevity to meet their immediate and future needs.”

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