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21 Mar 2024

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HEXACORE and 1018 Data Centers Sign with IDCA to Evaluate the Revolutionary Hexacore Protean Microchip and Obtain the SDS (System, Design, Service) Certification

Washington, DC – March 21, 2024 – The new microchip processor manufacturer HEXACORE , and its sister company 1018 Data Centers have signed with IDCA to undergo the IDCA's new SDS (System, Design, Service) audits and certifications. SDS audits incorporate and build upon IDCA's existing Grade-Level (G-Level) certifications, which rate applications, platforms, IT systems, sites, and topology layers. G levels span a range from Grade Level Zero (the highest rating) to Grade Level Four to certify risks, inefficiencies, vulnerabilities, and chances of failure within data center facilities and complexes.

Hexacore founder, Zy Shlaimoun stated, “Hexacore’s revolutionary microchip will be a technological breakthrough for the mission-critical data center industry.” He continued, “we knew how difficult the SDS evaluation process will be. They check everything about you, from your supply-chain, to corporate structure and resources, to the algorithms, design specs, and materials and sources. But we were so confident with our product that we signed up to undergo the IDCA SDS certification process to provide an independent verification of our products and services.”

1018 Data Centers provides the ideal environments in which to conduct these revolutionary SDS audits. Powered by sibling company Hexacore microprocessors, which run 95% cooler and require 91% less power than current industry-leading processors, 1018 data centers minimize footprint, utilities and heat-related wear and tear to allow for equipment to be integrated into and operated out of prefabricated structures.

“SDS audits address the issues associated with complex system, design, and service requirements mission-critical environments,” said IDCA Technical Standards Chair, Rich Banta. “They certify an environment's application and use case at the critical level, scale, and scope of the environment their provider needs to serve.”

1018's standard data center design claims that it covers no more than one thousand square feet and has the capacity to accommodate up to 5,120 concurrent instances, complemented by a solar field capable of generating enough power to offset the data center’s energy consumption and ensuring a net-zero carbon footprint.

Shlaimoun concluded, “The entire process is both educational, and rewarding. We look very much forward to learning from this rigorous evaluation on how we can improve our products and services to make a positive impact on the datacenter industry and of course, the environment.”

SDS Components
The System component of an SDS audit evaluates and certifies tools, systems, components and technologies across the application ecosystem from software applications to virtual and physical IT infrastructure, site, and facility infrastructure equipment.

The Design component offers design, concept, and architecture certification routes for complex systems, tools, software, and infrastructure across the application, compute, platform, IT infrastructure, site facility infrastructure, site, and topology.

The Service component evaluates and certifies service delivery, operations, management, and maintenance certification for quality, reliability, security, efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of such services across the application, compute, platform, IT infrastructure, site facility infrastructure, site, and topology.

The new agreement with Hexacore/1018 Data Centers is now in effect. Customers can contact IDCA directly to learn more details about the SDS certification process.

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