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21 Jun 2023

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Human Rights Activist Jon Drimmer Joins IDCA Board of Directors

Jon Drimmer, one of the world's most renowned experts on international anti-corruption and human rights programs, has joined IDCA as Human Rights Counsel and a member of the IDCA Board of Directors.

“I am honored to be able to support IDCA’s critical mission, helping to enable a digital economy that protects, respects and promotes human rights and anti-corruption efforts. The amount of data generated in the digital economy continues to grow exponentially, and the protection and responsible use of that data represent perhaps the most significant human rights issues to be confronted over the next 5 years,” stated Jon Drimmer on the occasion of his joining the IDCA board of directors.

An attorney with more than 25 years of experience, Jon's work in resolving complex cross-border problems has the benefit of him having sat in every chair at the table: senior legal officer for a global 500 company, federal prosecutor, and seasoned advocate. He has overseen investigations around the world related to anti-corruption, human rights, and numerous other areas. “IDCA will have an important role to play in helping to address and manage those risks and opportunities, and I am pleased to be able to assist in those efforts,” he noted.

Jon has represented companies and individuals in numerous government enforcement proceedings in the U.S. and overseas, in relation to the FCPA and bribery claims, human rights issues, and a wide array of additional subjects. He has participated in dozens of major disputes in the U.S., Canada, and abroad, with particular expertise in representing companies in non-judicial and quasi-judicial legal proceedings involving human rights and transnational torts. He possesses a wide-ranging experience helping companies manage multi-faceted dilemmas in overseas activities, developing and managing solutions that may encompass civil, criminal, regulatory, and political dimensions.

"Jon has a unique expertise and passion for human advocacy to help preserve our rights and create the balance that we all need,” said IDCA Founder and Chairman Mehdi Paryavi in making the announcement. “Addressing human rights such as data privacy its legal, moral, and ethical dimensions is an essential aspect of IDCA's work in creating Digital Economies around the world that can actually last. Having Jon as a Board Member and counsel provides the essential insight into our vision and ability to execute our initiatives.”

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