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29 Nov 2022

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IDCA Launches Membership Community for Industry 4.0

Washington D.C., November 28th, 2022: IDCA today announced that it has launched its membership community platform to serve the Industry 4.0 growing needs.

On the occasion of the launch, IDCA Chairman, Mehdi Paryavi, stated “What is now live and available to companies, governments, and professionals alike, is the result of 2 years of dedicated strategic vision, passionate work, and technical capacity building so that we can finally provide a home for our community and peers across all entities and disciplines.”

Why belong to a community? IDCA advocates the necessity for being involved with an all-inclusive community that renders support, influence, reinforcement, connection, sharing, learning, passion, and growth. It is of utmost importance to engage and be part of something greater than ourselves and our day-to-day activities. “The question was about how to make this community involvement, simple yet deep, efficient yet effective and resourceful yet not overwhelming, and IDCA Community Membership is just that and the remedy to a major gap that was always felt across the industry”, stated G.H., Chief Communications Officer at IDCA.

Why is it launched now? IDCA believes that the digital infrastructure community is a crucial intersection of rapid change, where the collective synergies, tools, and resources of the entire community is vital to the successful and sustainable evolution and growth of all stakeholders.

Winston Ma, CFA & Esq., Member of the Board of Directors at IDCA, stated, “IDCA's Membership Community is essential to the growth and prosperity of our digital universe. This platform and this community, will prove to be game-changing. We thank the IDCA's amazing team for making this possible for the community at large and look forward in meeting key industry stakeholders in the near future.”

Bruce Armstrong Talyor, Chief Media Office at IDCA, Founder of SmartNations, former Executive Vice President of Uptime Institute, 451 Research and DatacenterDynamics

mentioned, “Having worked over a lifelong hands-on practice of community building, media and research, I have never seen something so holistic and to the point. IDCA, Community Membership is the place to be in order to be part of the future that is embracing us sooner than we have ever anticipated.”

A genius mileage and loyalty program – IDCA’s Community Membership is designed in a unique manner whereby any individual or corporate contribution or industry activity will be rewarded with earned points from those activities. This empowers every member to collect mileage and apply them towards furthering their education, attending conferences, obtaining resources, discussing with influencers and beyond.

Lizabeth Hood, Global Head of Membership at IDCA stated, “I come from a career of memberships. There is simply nothing like this anywhere, where IT and facilities meet, where operations and infrastructure meets, where the virtual stack layers of the ecosystem meet the physical infrastructure layers, and where everyone is gathered around actual and factual content, research, and substance.” Hood continued, “As an IDCA Community Member you get full access to an abundance of resources, you get to attend exclusive in-person events as well as diverse and educational virtual sessions, you get access to discussion forms, research, and much more, and for anything you do across the industry you earn mileage and earn points which you can use across a wide array of valuable services, conferences, education, and beyond.”

Roger Strukhoff, Chief Research Officer at IDCA and former Conference Chair of Cloud Expo, stated, “This membership platform will set the stage for major change and speedy growth of the data center, cloud, digital infrastructure, IoT, cybersecurity, AI/ML, blockchain, Metaverse, Web 3.0 and Industry 4.0 in general. It is absolutely vital to be a part of what’s happening at the IDCA Membership Community.”

Entities and professionals from all walks of life – The IDCA Community Membership is suited for all corporations, NGOs, government agencies, and individual professionals equally alike. With the same token, members who are active in design, architecture, and engineering, as well as those involved in operations, maintenance, policy-making, finance, business and strategy, decision-making, and governance will all benefit from the membership platform.

Dave Lee, Global Head of Education and Certification at IDCA, and former VP of CNet, former Director at DatacenterDynamics, and Rittal, stated, “We are taking everything that was already out there, to a whole new level whereby being part of this community by far outweighs collective membership in other outlets. There is simply nothing like this, anywhere.”

Truly all-encompassing – The IDCA Community Membership tackles the tech industry’s latest challenges and most lucrative opportunities in the areas of the digital economy, digital infrastructure, data center, physical security, cybersecurity, operations and maintenance, cloud, application ecosystem, artificial intelligence and machine learning, sustainability and climate, IoT, blockchain, edge, virtual computing, and the metaverse.

“This platform is truly amazing. Being part of a community that cares and actually gives you the tools to develop, evolve and advance is what was missing all along across our industry”, started David Hamner, Chief Growth Officer at IDCA, Founder and Chairman of DataSpace, and former Vice President of J.P. Morgan. “We are predicting that in a matter of months if not weeks, the entire industry will be part of this big community and be instrumental in making the change that we have all been waiting for,” concluded Mr. Hamner.

IDCA’s release and launch of the industry’s most robust and holistic community and membership platform is set to lead the digital infrastructure community and tech industry’s collective evolution and paradigm shift in the near-term future and beyond.

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