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17 Jan 2023

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IDCA Signs with KORNERSTONE as its Asia Pacific Education Provider

Washington D.C., January 17th, 2023: International Data Center Authority (IDCA) today announced that it has signed KORNERSTONE, a TRAINOCATE company, as the training provider of IDCA in Asia Pacific. As of February 1 st , 2023 KORNERSTONE will be the authorized provider of the IDCA portfolio of education and certification services across the Asia Pacific markets. This partnership comes after months of evaluation in forming a strategic alliance to better serve the lucrative education market of Asia Pacific.

On the occasion of this new partnership, Joseph Yuen, Asian Relations Council at the Board of Directors, stated, “We have carefully handpicked KORNERSTONE based on our assessment of the company’s management, resources, and fresh mindset to serve the modern digital infrastructure and digital economy human capital needs of Asia from the professional education and certification perspective”.

Starting January 2023 KORNERSTONE will open registrations to the entire Asian market on the full portfolio of IDCA’s robust education and certification offerings. The objective will be to contribute and develop key knowledge throughout the technology world of Asia and to facilitate the infrastructure that is necessary for industry 4.0.

Catherine Chan, Managing Director of KORNERSTONE Institute stated, “It is our ambition to serve every stakeholder of the mission-critical digital infrastructure for data centers, telcos, cloud operators, regional or international operators, Internet giants, and beyond. IDCA has that resume in the Western world and is the organization that can give us the content, resources, and knowledge necessary to reach our goals and serve these stakeholders with exactly the type of education they need to grow and prosper.”

KORNERSTONE has obtained IDCA’s support to deliver IDCA-certified data center and cloud education and certification to data center and cloud providers, system integrators, end-users, distributors, and manufacturers throughout Asia Pacific.

Chief Communications Officer, G.H., stated, “We congratulate KORNERSTONE for the great achievement of securing this partnership with us and look very much forward to being instrumental in educating the manpower that is necessary to help the Asia market meet its ever-growing data center and cloud infrastructure demand.”

“IDCA is the global standard for the delivery of necessary skillsets and certifications in data centers and digital infrastructure space, we look forward to our partnership and offering IDCA advanced education to professionals across the Asian markets”, Chan concluded.


KORNERSTONE is a leading professional training provider in Asia and has over 15 years of experience in providing professional training programs to individuals and corporate members. With the letter K standing for Knowledge, KORNERSTONE has a strong belief that knowledge is the cornerstone of success for every business. TRAINOCATE is the major stakeholder of KORNERSTONE since January 2017. Combined, the companies possess 30 years of experience in delivering superior professional development and certification programs in IT, finance, and management across the globe including Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China,  Australia, UAE and USA. For more information about KORNERSTONE, please visit or contact +852 2116 3328, and

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