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4 May 2022

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IDCA Announces Season 2 of To Infinity Paradigm and Beyond Industry Podcasts

Washington D.C., May 4th, 2022: International Data Center Authority (IDCA) announced Season 2 of IDCA’s “To Infinity Paradigm and Beyond” industry podcasts. This announcement comes after months of deliberate planning and coordination conducted by the IDCA team to ensure that this season will be enormously valuable for the industry. “During Season 1 we received not only amazing reception from our guests and audience alike, but also a valuable pool of enthusiastic end-user feedback; over the past months we took advantage of Season 1 feedback in our planning process and used it to make sure Season 2 will address all those observations and more”, stated G.H. Chief Commercial Officer at IDCA.

In Season 2, IDCA plans to conduct diverse and specialty-oriented podcasts around the major industry topics. Each topic will be hosted by an industry veteran who will solely focus on delivering valuable and specialty-driven conversations with the leaders of each domain. IDCA’s unique and holistic approach in Season 2 is foreseen to receive great reception and provide valuable industry insights and conversations in every major field within the digital economy, cloud, data center, cybersecurity, blockchain, AI, and information technology industry.

"Lack of communication is the root cause of many mishaps in our industry", stated by Mehdi Paryavi, Chairman of IDCA. He continued, "It is vital for the diverse disciplines and specialties of our industry to engaged in focused dialogs that can cater comprehensive understanding of the industry's key challenges and potentials. This is why we consider IDCA as an essential stage for such invaluable conversation to take place."

In Season 2, IDCA plans to build upon Season 1, an even more enticing series of conversations that can have the breath and the coverage of a series of dialogs that worthwhile for industry leaders and professionals. Season 2 Episodes will be distinguished by area of specialty (such as cybersecurity, data center, cloud, etc.) as well as geographical regions covering also the European Union, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Jothi Dogar, CISO of NIH, will be the host of Wellness for Tech, a power series of discussions around holistic wellness and empowering IT professionals with her special guests from across the industry. Jothi Dogar, who is a C-suite IT executive and in the forefront of information technology and cybersecurity, has emerged from series of personal episodes and regained her wellness through holistic wellness disciplines and lifestyle. Jothi will take us through her journey and spark dialogs with the industry's most influential behavioral and wellness experts to help empower each and every individual and ultimately empower organizations and the entire industry.

Rich Banta, DCA®, who is the Chairman of IDCA's Technical Standards Committee comes with decades of data center design, construction and operations expertise. Rich's experiences and exposure to the data center essentials are very unique, in-depth, and diverse. He has been an engineer, an operator, a founder and investor and has dealt with some of most sensitive data center implementations. In the All about Data Centers podcasts, Rich Banta will engage in in-depth conversations with data center designers, builders, operators and influencers to help bring universal comprehension and enthusiasm towards this great industry.

Rakhi Shah, a senior member of IDCA’s Technical Standards Committee and former Deputy IT Director at Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs in the United Kingdom, responsible for the IT transformational changes during the BREXIT, will host a series of podcasts that are aimed at bridging the business needs with the IT possibilities. Her podcasts will focus on business architecture and organization design, all about users and purpose, the technology ecosystem, trade and technology relationship, virtual borders in the meta world, augmented reality beyond games, and the role of data and analytics.

Solomon Edun, who leads the IDCA's Standards Development Projects Taskforce, will be hosting the industry podcasts for the African continent and discussing key industry challenges and potentials within the African continent with his special guests. Josue Ramirez, Regional Director of IDCA for LATAM, will be hosting the industry podcasts for the Latin American region. Joseph Yuen, Asian Council to the Board of Directors at IDCA will be leading the Asian industry podcasts. And Robbert Hoeffnagel, Senior Reporter and Editor at IDCA, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, will be leading the EU podcasts.

More podcast hosts and series will be announced soon. The first Episode of Season 2 podcasts is scheduled to go on air on June 7th, 2022. Detailed podcast schedules, and upcoming guests, will soon be announced.

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