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7 Jul 2020

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IDCA Awards Rich Banta the Status of Data Center Authority (DCA)®

Washington D.C., July 7, 2020: International Data Center Authority (IDCA) today announces that Rich Banta, member of IDCA Technical Standards Committee has been awarded with the certificate of and is now recognized as a Data Center Authority (DCA)®.

“It’s been a challenging and rewarding journey”, stated Rich Banta during his Data Center Authority certification award session. “I have been through every other program out there, even the first week of training challenged me. There was nothing wasted in all the trainings I took at IDCA. All those hours and hours of preparation for exams, none of it was wasted. Because of the depth and breath of the IDCA Infinity Paradigm®, forced me to widen my scope and think holistically”, continued Mr. Banta.

Due to COVID-19 circumstances and traveling precautions, Mr. Banta’s DCA® award ceremony was conducted virtually with the IDCA Chairman. In recognition of his achievement, IDCA Chairman, Mehdi Paryavi, personally conducted the live DCA® award session with Rich Banta. Mr. Paryavi stated, “Rich has made great advancements over the years. We have been closely watching his progression and always enjoyed his persistence and dedication to the science of data centers and application delivery as well as his discipline and enthusiasm to address some of the most challenging industry tasks.” Mr. Paryavi concluded, “We congratulate Rich Banta for this great achievement and look forward to his contributions to the industry in the capacity of a Data Center Authority.”

“The IDCA Infinity Paradigm® and the program, entirely, with all the efficacies, and things that a data center system is supposed to do is the only way to go and I look forward in using it as a tool to advance the science of application delivery”, concluded Mr. Banta.

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