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28 Jun 2024

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IDCA Certifies Assetspire’s DCIM Platform for Breakthrough System, Design, and Service (SDS) Applicable for Mission-Critical Digital Infrastructure

Washington, DC – June 27, 2024 – IDCA has announced the awarding of an official Systems, Design, Service (SDS) certification to UK-based Assetspire DCIM Software: Spire™. IDCA has certified Assetspire's SPIRE™ asset management platform across IDCA's Grade Levels One through Four (G1-G4), enabling Assetspire to offer the enhanced platform to its customers. This enables the industry stakeholders to feel confident in utilizing Spire™, knowing that it has been through a thorough vetting process by IDCA and that it has successfully achieved its availability, capacity, efficiency, resilient, operations, innovation, safety & security objectives as intended, and can be applied to the full range of mission-critical digital infrastructure, data center, and cloud infrastructure.

IDCA's SDS certification process is built upon Grade Level certifications, which rate applications, platforms, compute, IT infrastructure, site facility infrastructure, site, and topology layers to identify risks, inefficiencies, vulnerabilities, and chances of failure within the application delivery stack and digital infrastructure ecosystem.

“The SDS certification validates the interoperability of a complex system, design, or service within digital infrastructure and mission-critical environments,”  said IDCA Chairman & CEO, Mehdi Paryavi. “They also certify an environment's application and use-case per the critical level, scale, and scope of the environment their provider aims to serve. The SDS certification represents a fundamental game-changing method of looking at service providers, systems, and designs being deployed within the digital infrastructure and mission-critical industry, representing optimum performance, and  minimal risks.”

AssetSpire CEO Steve Beber, stated “We are so honored and pleased to finally receive the IDCA SDS certification which is the pinnacle of achievement in our industry.” Beber continued, “This shows that our SPIRE™ asset management platform, not only meets the highest security, reliability, and availability standards but stands on the foundations of innovation, optimized performance, on-demand scalability, and effectiveness. The entire process was rigid but highly educational and extremely effective. We are proud to be the first DCIM platform to have checked all the compliance boxes and achieved this remarkable status from IDCA.”

“After months of back and forth and in-depth evaluation we are pleased to award Assetspire with the full range of G1 through G4 applicability certification on their unique and highly robust asset management and DCIM platform,” said IDCA CTO and Chairman of Technical Standards Committee, Rich Banta. “Assestpire had done a particularly great job in not only building a robust platform but also meticulously documenting every detail and ensure client safety and security at all times.”

Assetspire’s Spire™ platform is officially certified as of June 25th, 2024. Assetspire originally signed up to undergo the rigorous SDS certification process in December 2023.

SDS Components Building upon G-levels as noted above, the System component of an SDS audit evaluates and certifies tools, systems, components, and technologies across the application ecosystem from software applications to virtual and physical IT infrastructure, site, and facility infrastructure equipment, according to IDCA.  

The Design component offers design, concept, and architecture certification routes for complex systems, tools, software, and infrastructure across the application, compute, platform, IT infrastructure, site facility infrastructure, site, and topology.

The Service component evaluates and certifies service delivery, operations, management, and maintenance certification for quality, reliability, security, efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of such services across the application, compute, platform, IT infrastructure, site facility infrastructure, site, and topology.

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