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1 Feb 2022

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IDCA Chairman Keynotes the Utilities & Data Centers 2022 Conference on Feb 1st, 2022

On February 1st, 2022, IDCA Chairman, Mehdi Paryavi, delivers the conference keynote. The keynote topic is "The Data Center Industry’s State of Affairs". Following the keynote, executives Switch, Flexential, NTT, QTS, Berkeley National Laboratory, Rittal, Iron Mountain, and Facebook are the other speakers present at the conference:

  • Bill Kleyman, Executive Vice President of Digital Solutions, Switch
  • Todd Gale, VP of Engineering, Flexential
  • Bob Woolley, Sr. VP of Operations, NTT Global Data Centers
  • Travis Wright, VP, Energy & Sustainability, QTS Data Centers
  • Jim Henry, Manager, Global Compliance, Iron Mountain Data Centers
  • Dale Sartor, Staff Engineer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Herb Villa, Systems Consultant – Data Center Solutions, Rittal North America LLC
  • Amber Tillman, Community Development Manager, Facebook

The conference aims to provide information on data center topics such as sustainability, utilities, data center hub and community development, saving energy costs, edge, and the balance between cloud and data center. Mehdi Paryavi's keynote will provide key insight into the current state of affairs in the cloud infrastructure and the data center industry. Topics will include important developments and controversial topics such as sustainability, availability, security, as well as the effects of the modern-era computing such as cloud computing, edge, and serverless computing.

Utilities & Data Centers 2022 Conference Conference Abstract:

Data centers are commercial & industrial (C&I) energy customers in a class of their own. Driven by corporate ESG goals (Environmental, social and governance), these highly sophisticated large load facilities demand lots of clean energy, energy efficiency and system resiliency. As we break into the digital age and tech giants continue hyper scaling, this segment of the energy market is poised for tremendous growth.

Attracting data centers to your region requires coordination between the utility and local government. Site selection is a competitive process and only utilities who fully understand the needs of data centers can attract and retain new customers. The 10th Annual Utilities & Data Centers 2022 Conference is the exchange between energy and the data center. The flagship conference returns, bringing together industry leading co-locators, enterprise users, a national laboratory, an international authority, and many more for a single, virtual place to network and collaborate. More on EUCI conference:

Conference Keynote, Mehdi Paryavi, DCA® | CLA®: LinkedIn | Video

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