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15 Sep 2020

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IDCA Launches Cybersecurity Training and Certification Courses

Washington D.C., December 15th, 2021: International Data Center Authority (IDCA) announces the launch of its new Cybersecurity training and certification courses to the public. The news comes after rigorous development efforts around the educational materials related to the ever-growing cyber threats and risks across the industry. IDCA has made it its mission to offer the most comprehensive, effective, and vigorous security educations, certification and career advancement strategies for industry experts and professionals around the globe. This initiative comes as the world is in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic crisis and economies are being affected and transformed beyond predictions. Subsequently, due to the ever-increasing remote-workspace and digitized environments, the risk of cyber threats is on the rise.

On this occasion, Chairman of IDCA, Mehdi Paryavi, stated “Cybersecurity is the greatest security risk to Application Ecosystem®. Cyber-attacks and threats are now becoming the new version of war among nations and can cause grave harm to the well-being of our citizens, corporates, and government agencies. This is why as an integral part of IDCA's application-centric vision, we are releasing an all-inclusive, vendor-agnostic, comprehensive, up-to-date, and effective cybersecurity course-content, and certification track for all stakeholders in the security space, application development, delivery, ownership, as well as data centers, and cloud.”

IDCA’s announcement for the launch of IDCA certified cybersecurity courses comes in midst of 2nd and 3rd waves of COVID-19 breakouts around the world as well as decisive U.S. elections around the corner, for which cyber-integrity of voting ballots is vital.

"The fact that the IDCA, despite all odds, and in worst of climates, keeps on developing and empowering the industry and always addresses the issues at hand, when and where they are needed the most, is rejuvenating. While, remote workforce is on the rise, security threats are also rising. IDCA team has taken the initiative—in the midst of the pandemic crisis—developed and released the complete cybersecurity training and certification ladder in order to preserve the efficacies of application ecosystems around the world. We are very fortunate to have access to such great knowledge base, confident of its results for both the private and public sector," stated G.H., Chief Communication Officer of IDCA when asked about the release of the cyber security courses.

IDCA’s mission is to educate and standardize. As previously addressing latest and fundamental issues of data center and cloud, today IDCA is bringing cybersecurity education to the industry’s workforce. Educating the industry to avoid mistakes and optimize its choices is a key initiative and concept behind all IDCA efforts.

IDCA has proudly worked independent of any vendor whatsoever in building the most credible training and education materials as well as the Infinity Paradigm® Standards Framework. The organization has done so with the help of end-users, the real stakeholders of the industry, and independent of any outside influence.

IDCA cybersecurity programs will be open to the public as of November 2020.

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