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7 Apr 2022

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IDCA Launches LATAM Football Cup

Washington D.C., April 7th, 2022: International Data Center Authority (IDCA) today announced that it has launched the world’s first continent-wide soccer league for data center, cloud, IT, cybersecurity, IoT, big data, blockchain, and AI professionals. This is set to be the world's first continental football league for IT professionals implemented by a major organization in an effort to bring the industry together through prominent sports.

IDCA Chairman, Mehdi Paryavi, on the occasion of this announcement stated, “our industry is filled with smart, skillful, and passionate professionals who spend their days in rigid routines. Our people deserve an opportunity to express themselves in forms that are more rejuvenating while connecting to their colleagues, their clients, vendors, and peers. We believe that the Latin America Cup will be a great step in experiencing how the data center, cloud, and IT community can be related, connect and even perform better than before when their profession becomes the reason that puts them in their favorite sports arena, in this case, a football field.”

Registrations are commencing as of April 7th, 2022. The LATAM cup is scheduled to start on May 1st, 2022. The duration of the season will be 5 months from May 1st, 2022 till September 30th, 2022. There will be six teams from each country. National teams play in a round-robin format in the LATAM qualifiers. The top two teams will qualify for the LATAM cup and move into the main draw that would take place between countries.

The Regional Director of LATAM at IDCA stated, “Nothing brings more joy, connection, teamwork, empathy and affection to Latin America than football! We intend to bring the industry together, this time around something they love doing. It is our pleasure and joy to facilitate this and we are already receiving a great reception from every corner of Latin American IT, data center, and cloud community.”

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