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12 May 2020

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IDCA Welcomes Rich Banta to the Technical Standards Committee

Washington D.C., May 12, 2020: International Data Center Authority (IDCA) today announces that Rich Banta of LifeLine Data Centers has joined the IDCA Technical Standards Committee.

“I am honored to be part of the IDCA family. I look forward to helping our industry build stronger measurable foundations based on the IDCA Infinity Paradigm®️ and expand the utilization of IDCA's visionary and future-proof methods and strategies for every organization out there, be it public or private”, stated Rich Banta upon joining the IDCA Technical Standards Committee.

Rich Banta is an accomplished Data Center Authority (DCA) certified by IDCA and the Co-Owner of LifeLine Data Centers where his organization serves a number of key private as well as public sector organizations. Banta is responsible for Compliance and Certifications, Data Center Operations, Information Technology, and Client Concierge Services at LifeLine. Banta has an extensive background in data center, server and network management, large scale wide-area networks, storage, business continuity, and monitoring. Rich is a former CTO of a major health care system. Banta is still hands-on every day in the data centers.

G.H., Chief Communications Officer of IDCA stated, “Rich Banta is a unique data center personality who exerts utmost enthusiasm for his profession and the industry at large. We welcome his joining and are hopeful that his active involvement with the IDCA’s Technical Standards Committee will be a great blend of expertise, passion, and results.”

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