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3 Feb 2022

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Jamie Kinsey of Apple Joins Technical Standards Committee

Washington D.C., February 3rd, 2022: International Data Center Authority (IDCA) today announced that Mr. Jamie Kinsey of Apple has joined the IDCA Technical Standards Committee. “I am honored and humbled to be invited to join the IDCA Technical Standards Committee. I look forward to helping shape the IDCA standards I have used during my career to operate and build data centers, and now I will be able to contribute to the data center industry and help guide the future of our field”, stated Jamie Kinsey on the occasion of his joining the IDCA.

Rich Banta, DCA®, IDCA Technical Standards Committee Chairman, stated, “Jamie comes from a deep background in the digital infrastructure and data center. We are pleased to welcome him to the team and to use his expertise in pushing our standards mission ahead bigger and better than before.” IDCA’s technical standards committee is made up of elite industry leaders and from leading global firms and government agencies. Members possess diverse backgrounds in the fields of information technology, data center, cybersecurity, software and application, virtualization and cloud computing, and digital infrastructure.

G.H. Chief Communications Officer (CCO) at IDCA stated, “Jamie possesses some of the best accreditation awards in the industry. He is well-versed in the data center over two decades of hands-on expertise. For years in T-Mobile and now at Apple he is involved in some of the industry’s latest and most challenging problem-solving events every day. We are pleased to have him as part of the IDCA family.”

Jamie Kinsey is a Senior Manager of Data Center Operations at Apple. He is a certified Data Center Operations Manager (DCOM)®, Data Center Infrastructure Expert (DCIE)®, Data Center Technology Professional (DCTP)®, Data Center Manager (DCM)®, and Data Center Expert (DCE)®. Jamie has worked on many projects in the telecommunications and IT environment over the last 20+ years. He recently left T-Mobile after 15 years and transitioned to a new role with Apple managing the Remote Data Center services team, including installation, decommissioning, and project management supporting the collocation sites globally. Jamie is excited to pass on his knowledge to a new generation of data center technicians and help guide them while learning from them at the same time improving and refining the processes.

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