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2 Mar 2022

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Questrom Chair Professor at Boston University, Digital Fellow at MIT, and Thinkers 50 Joins IDCA Board of Directors

Washington D.C., March 2nd, 2022: International Data Center Authority (IDCA) today announced that Marshall Van Alstyne, has joined the IDCA Board of Directors. “I'm looking forward to working with the folks at IDCA. They have ambitious plans and it's surely time to use data and technology to help make the world a better place”, stated Marshall Van Alstyne on the occasion of his joining the IDCA Board.

Mr. Alstyne (@InfoEcon) is coauthor of the international bestseller Platform Revolution. He is one of the world's experts on network business models and is a Questrom Chair Professor at Boston University. He is a frequent speaker, board-level advisor, and consultant to startups and global firms. His research has received half a dozen academic awards and appeared in journals such as Science, Nature, and Harvard Business Review. Interviews appear regularly across Bloomberg, The Economist, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and National Public Radio. He studied computer science at Yale and information technology at MIT. He holds multiple patents; was among the first to measure the dollar value of social networks, and his theories of network businesses are taught worldwide. He is a husband and dad, who loves dogs, exercise, travel, and questions of governance.

Mehdi Paryavi, Chairman of IDCA Board of Directors, stated, “Marshall is an information system economic platforms marvel, a philosopher, researcher, and thinker who possesses a unique set of skills just right for his role at IDCA. We are grateful to have him on our board in helping us brainstorm on the strategies we are putting in place to make our industry and the world a better place.”

Mr. Alstyne’s co-authored article on the subject is a Harvard Business Review top 50 of all time. His awards include two patents, National Science Foundation IOC, SGER, SBIR, iCorp, and Career Awards, and eight best paper awards. Articles or commentary have appeared in Science, Nature, Management Science, Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Alstyne is a Ph.D. from MIT in Information Systems Economics and a full professor at the Boston University of Questrom School of Business for over 18 years.

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