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1 Jan 2022

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Robbert Hoeffnagel Joins IDCA Editorial and News Team

Washington D.C., January 1st 2022: International Data Center Authority (IDCA) today announced that Mr. Robbert Hoeffnagel has joined IDCA’s news publications and media team, as a Senior Editor. When asked about his joining the IDCA team, Robbert Hoeffnagel, stated, “IDCA is the leader of the information technology, cloud, and data center and the authority in the field with its comprehensive standards, education, and advanced services. I feel that joining IDCA at this junction in time will be groundbreaking in helping our industry and the world to reach new international digital transformation heights.” Robbert Hoeffnagel continued, “My aim is to write, and take the IDCA message far to the four corners of the world.” G.H. Chief Communications Officer (CCO) at IDCA stated, “Robbert is a great addition to the IDCA team, and we looking forward to working with him as an instrumental agent of communication in achieving IDCA 2022 and beyond goals.”

Robbert comes with over 32 years of editorial and publication experience, focused in technology, data center, and information technology. Prior to that Robbert has been a publisher in DatacenterWorks, Conference organizer for BICSI in the EU, advisory board member at Asperitas, and a member of the EuroCloudNL.

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