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18 Nov 2022

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Roger Strukhoff Chair of Cloud Expo Joins IDCA

Washington D.C., November 18th, 2022: International Data Center Authority (IDCA) today announced that Mr. Roger Strukhoff former Division President at IDG, Conference Chair of Cloud Expo, and Founder of Tau Global Research has joined the IDCA as the Chief Research Officer (CRO).

On the occasion of his joining the IDCA, Mr. Strukhoff stated, “I am utmost excited about joining IDCA and being a contributing member to all the amazing plans and strategic initiatives IDCA has laid out for our industry.”

IDCA Chief Media Officer, Bruce Armstrong Tayler, stated, “Roger Strukhoff is a world-renowned figure when it comes to IT, data center, cloud, and tech journalism. He is probably second to none when it comes to research and I am so excited for all of us to be working towards one common goal with such drive and speed.”

G.H., Chief Communications Officer of IDCA stated, “We are pleased to have Roger onboard with us. Roger’s passion and expertise are in line with our global agenda. We have discussed matters in length and are optimistic for what’s ahead.”

Roger Strukhoff is founder of Tau Global Research. He has spent more than three decades in the tech industry and focuses today on cloud computing, enterprise software, and emerging technologies. He has served as a Division President at IDG, Conference Chair of Cloud Expo, Director of Global Markets at TIBCO Software, Director of Research at Altoros, and Director at the Cloud Foundry Foundation. He co-founded JavaOne. He earned his BA at Knox College and MBA/Development Economics at Cal State-East Bay. He is currently in a PhD program in the history of societal development at Northern Illinois University.

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