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20 Dec 2022

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An Agreement to Build a 5G Private Network for the Paris Metro Has Been Signed by Nokia

Nokia has secured a major deal to provide 5G private network services for the Paris metro system. The technology giant has signed a five-year contract with RATP, the public transport authority responsible for running the French capital’s metro, buses, and trams.

Nokia will supply its IP/MPLS mobile core and multiservice network and radio access network (RAN) to deploy four train lines for automated public transport in the Greater Paris Area. These are estimated to serve up to two million passengers daily.

The private network will be used to securely connect the network’s mission-critical systems, including train control and surveillance. Nokia will also provide managed services to support the RATP's operations and maintenance of its core networks.

Nokia's network kit will be used for communication and connectivity for Grand Paris Express's transportation operations, indoor/outdoor connectivity for all Grand Paris Express stations, and every line and depot.

The private 5G network is expected to improve the reliability and performance of RATP’s communications infrastructure and help it manage the increased traffic caused by the growing popularity of the Paris metro. It will also enable better passenger experience and improved safety on board trains and in the underground.

Additionally, its IP/MPLS communications network will provide a high-speed backbone that will help optimize business operations and safety measures, making customers’ experiences as convenient as possible.

"These projects provide critical high-speed connectivity and performance at all points within the new Grand Paris metro and its operations, giving SGP the highest levels of confidence in its end-to-end Nokia network," said Nokia’s vice president for enterprise sales, Matthieu Bourguignon.

Nokia believes this agreement is a significant step forward in delivering its vision of secure, connected cities. The company has already helped several other cities, such as London and Barcelona, to deploy 5G networks, and it hopes to replicate its success in Paris.

With this agreement, Nokia further strengthens its position as a leader in providing 5G networks for private enterprise customers worldwide. As more industries look towards 5G technology to improve their operations, it is clear that Nokia is well-positioned to meet their needs.

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