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5 Oct 2022

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LatAm Manufacturing Gets Private 5G from Nokia and Flex Brazil

Today Nokia and Flex announced the commercial availability of 5G private networks in Brazil, powered by Nokia FlexRadio technology and AirFrame data center solutions.

Brazil has been at the forefront of 5G development since 2020, when the first 5G network was launched in São Paulo, demonstrating the potential of 5G technologies.

The deployment of this technology will enable manufacturers to explore new business opportunities and enable new levels of efficiency across their operations using ultra-fast connectivity to support advanced manufacturing applications.

The companies intend to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for Brazil's 4.0 development industry and want to achieve this advancement via a 5G network.

The Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) will provide consumers with on-demand personal wireless services. Edge computing, Digital-enable tools, and 5G technology are some of the many technologies that the DAC plans to use.

The DAC is doing this to enable customers to enjoy larger and more stable wireless connections, develop additional apps, support operational data transfers, and reduce traditional workflows.

Thanks to Nokia's Digital Twin technology, Flex can also predict its own future maintenance needs and act on them before they become issues.

Marcelo Marcomini, Industry 4.0 executive for Flex Brazil, answered, "We welcome the collaboration with Nokia to join us on this journey to expand the scope of our solutions by integrating Nokia's 5G private wireless expertise to improve the efficiency of our current operations and prepare for the future of manufacturing at the same time."

With Nokia DAC, smart manufacturing applications can be processed and managed in real-time using 4.9G/LTE and 5G network connections.

Nokia has developed an industrial computing solution for industry-specific devices. Their newest addition, the MX Industrial Edge, allows both native and non-native programs to co-exist, allowing for better integration into digital transformation processes.

Marcelo Entreconti, Nokia's head of enterprise for Latin America, said, "The partnership will leverage our strength in advanced networking and mission-critical communications with Flex's long experience in manufacturing and supply chain innovation. Together, we will explore the power of Industry 4.0 to transform how we manufacture and distribute goods in this new digital world."

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