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6 Apr 2023

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Europe Energy Goes Greener in Face of Russian Disruption

Vlad Putin's ghastly Ukraine war has precipitated what a new Bloomberg report calls a “most remarkable response,” in which the continent's countries have nearly eliminated a previous dependence on Russian oil and natural gas while migrating aggressively to greener energy.

With oil from Russia drying up and natural gas imports dropping 75%, catastrophe loomed. But European economies continued to be strong. Meanwhile, accoring to this report, GHG emissions dipped slightly in 2022, as solar installations added a record 40GW, up from 35% from 2021. Battery storage increased dramatically as well, especially in the residential sector, according to the report, and wind power also increased.

IDCA Smart Nations Research has placed 18 European nations within the world's Top 25 in the inaugural EESG Digital Readiness of Nations Index, which weighs a nation's carbon footprint heavily into overall scores. Renewable grids already produced more than 40% of the electricity of 14 European nations before the Russian war's impact.

Image from World Economic Forum.

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