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3 May 2023

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Google To Add Two New Data Centers in Columbus, OH Area

Google announced that it will build two new data centers in the Columbus, OH area, joining one that's already in operation. The company says the new facilities will increase its total investment in Ohio to more than $2 billion. The Columbus metro region is also the side of Facebook and Amazon data centers.

The United States has the most data centers and servers installed in the world, with more than 40% of the world's total of around 100 million systems. It has a server density of around 140,000 servers per million population, according to the IDCA Smart Nations EESG Digital Readiness of Nations Index.

This is second in the world to Denmark, which has an astonishing 277,000 servers per million, with a total of about 1.6 million servers in this small country. The world average is 11,000 per million, with numerous countries having no real data centers and server densities of 100 per million or less.

Google has developed its servers in 35 zones around the world, with nine more zones scheduled to come online by the end of 2024. Amazon Web Services has 99 availability zones within 31 geographical regions throughout the world.

Photo by the City of Columbus.

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