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Information Technology (IT) is core to today’s digital economies and organizational success across businesses and governments. Implementation of effective IT principles and technologies is a key differentiator between the success and failure of organizations around the globe. IDCA IT audit ensures that the IT design, infrastructure, operation, and services meet the IDCA benchmarks as well as the organization’s efficacy objectives.

IT Audit
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4 Stack Layer Audit

IT Certification

IDCA’s IT Audit renders complete inspection, report, recommendation and certification of organizations’ information technology delivery claims and capabilities. IDCA IT audit and assessments involved full inspection and certification of all the 7 efficacies as outlined by the Infinity Paradigm®, and the actual application needs to encompass the complete examination of IT layers: Application, Platform, Compute, IT Infrastructure (ITI), and Topology.

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Information Technology Stack Layer Components

IT Layer Components

IT is the backbone of a modern-day organization’s prosperity and sustainability. To provide these the necessary IT functionalities a wide array of elements must be aligned to render the desired outcome. These elements include but are not limited to the application itself, the logical platform and compute components, IT infrastructure, SOPs, manuals, safety and security guidelines, human resources, vendor alignment, SLAs and OLAs, etc. IDCA promotes the proactive means of addressing the availability and capacity demands, security requirements, safety measures, and preventing disasters before they occur within the complex IT environments while minimizing risk. There are six layers of the IT architecture, infrastructure, and operations that will be part of the IDCA’s IT audit process.


Application Architecture
Application Availability
Application Security
Application Integrity
Application Efficiency
Inputs, Processing, and Outputs
General Controls
Application Reliability and Performance
Application Capacity and Maintainability
Business Specific Metrics
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IDCA information technology audits can be conducted at three (3) distinct phases of the IT design, build, and operation lifecycle

Phase 1: IT Design

Design Phase

IDCA IT design audit is ideal if the IT architecture has been designed. In this case, the design documents, drawings, and schematics are assessed to highlight all compliance flaws, efficiency gaps, and vulnerabilities to provide a comprehensive report per the findings. Upon completion of the design audit, the organization will be graded and certified per IDCA G® levels, and the applicable certification will be issued.

Phase 2: IT Build

Build Phase

IDCA IT build audit is performed on already developed and built IT platforms before they become fully commissioned into live production. The audit will ensure a lack of inconsistency and discrepancy of the completed project vs. the original intents of the IT architecture design and industry’s best practices per the IDCA standards. Upon completion of the audit, the organization will be graded and rated per IDCA G® levels, and the applicable certification will be issued.

Phase 3: IT Operations

Operations Phase

IDCA IT operations audits are conducted while live operations are underway to assess the true capabilities of the IT infrastructure and the entire application ecosystem. This exercise will ensure that all probable operational flaws, downtimes, inefficiencies, and hurdles are identified and highlighted. Upon completion of the audit, the organization will be graded and rated per IDCA G levels, and the applicable certification will be issued.

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Audit Reports

Comprehensive, detailed, informative, and essential…

Due to its universally effective approach, IDCA audit reports are highly regarded for their comprehensiveness, details, and effectiveness for the organization under assessment. The audit reports typically become part of the organization’s educational process to educate and inform the application, IT, data center, and cloud operations, maintenance, design, and implementation staff to understand the mistakes, flaws, and shortfalls and ensure such will not repeat themselves in the future. In addition, the report becomes a reference point for upcoming projects and a benchmark of compliance matrix for minimizing risks and non-compliances in the future. The organization undergoing IDCA audit can expect to receive grade certification and classification per every high-level component of its infrastructure, i.e. G1® Platform, G2® Compute, and G3® ITI.

The Auditor

Information Technology Certified Auditor (ITCA)®

Official IDCA IT Certified Auditors (ITCAs)® play a critical role in the modern age assessment and validation of computing platforms. An ITCA® has traveled a long and extensive journey, fulfilling requirement after requirement to reach the stage of being able to audit and assess mission-critical IT architecture, infrastructure, and operation. All ITCA®️ certified auditors, have first become IT Authority (ITA)®️ certified, which means they are industry veterans, with many years of in-depth expertise, completed all IDCA education and certification ladder; have contributed significantly to the IT industry and community; and on top of all the above, have completed the rigid ITCA® program.

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