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Cloud Technology Professional (CLTP

The Cloud Technology Professional (CLTP)® course empowers cloud experts and managers to select and specify optimum cloud infrastructure systems and components. The values and efficacies rendered throughout the DCTP® course will enable technology professionals to thoroughly assess existing technologies, simply product/service selection and comparison, and specify their technology requirements based on business and application needs.

2 Certification
3 Days (24 Hours)
In-Person & Virtual

Who Should Take This Course?

Cloud Technologists
Cloud Managers
Cloud Experts
Cloud Professionals
Cloud Engineers
Cloud Consultants
Cloud Designers
Cloud Builders
IDCA Certified Professoinals

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What You Will Learn

Cloud systems specification
Analysis of diverse cloud technologies
Pros and cons of available technologies
Sustainability-related technologies, trends, and systems
Application and cloud delivery solutions and services
Cloud system lifecycle optimization
Total cost of ownership (TCO) for technologies and systems
Alternative technologies and specifications

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