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Loyalty Reward Program

A community grows and strengthens through the contributions of those within it.The contributions of those within the IDCA Membership Community will be rewarded as recognition of this work - which is benefiting the member, their organization and the wider Digital Ecosystem.

Who will able to earn Points?

All Individuals and Organizations can earn loyalty points for contributing to the development of themselves and the IDCA Membership Community. Individual users earn points through their personal contributions and attendances, which they will then be able to spend on discounts for Training courses, Tickets to the IDCA Digital Universe events and 1:1 expert consulting on a topic of their choosing. Organizations can earn loyalty points by signing up their employees to the Membership Community, enrolling their employees on Training Courses, referring others to any IDCA services and many others. They in turn can spend these points on discounts from all IDCA services - including sponsorship packages and tickets for the Digital Universe Event series.

Participation of Membership Portal

Attending Membership Community Events

Involvement in the wider Industry’s growth

Growing and Promoting the Membership Community

Expanding Personal Learning & Development

Discounts on IDCA Education and Services

Entry and Sponsorship to Digital Universe Programs

1:1 Consulting with Experts

Earn mileage points to empower... Empower to earn mileage points...