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Cybersecurity Authority (CSA

The Cybersecurity Authority (CSA)® course is aimed at professionals who possess authoritative potential in the cybersecurity field. CSA® is the pinnacle of achievement and industry recognition for cybersecurity professionals. Professionals with CSA® credentials possess the ultimate know-how, skills, and hands-on to command and lead the cybersecurity industry as walking authorities.

9 Certification
11 Days (88 Hours)
In-Person & Virtual

Who Should Take This Course?

Lead Consultants
Keynote Speakers
Industry Influencers
Lead Auditors
Lead Instructors
Lead Experts
Lead Managers
Lead Strategists
IDCA Certified Professoinals

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What You Will Learn

Become a Cybersecurity Authority (CSA)
Become able to contribute to the cybersecurity industry
Obtain commanding cybersecurity knowledge
Obtain authoritative cybersecurity expertise
Become capable of leading effective industry movements
Become an invaluable asset to cybersecurity stakeholders

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