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Cloud Operations Manager (CLOM

The Cloud Operations Manager (CLOM)® course generates distinguished modern-day cloud operational managers, architects, service providers, and mentors and enables them to have leading roles in high-availability, high-sustainability, and cost-effective operations who are engaged with operational aspects of live and operating cloud platforms.

3 Certification
5 Days (40 Hours)
In-Person & Virtual

Who Should Take This Course?

Cloud Infrastructure Managers
Operations and NOC Personnel
Cloud Project Managers
Cloud Specialists
Cloud Strategists
Cloud Architects
Business Continuity Experts
Cloud Stakeholders
IDCA Certified Professoinals

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What You Will Learn

Advanced cloud management principles
Proactive cloud infrastructure maintenance
Cloud compliance, security, and governance
Operational cloud policies and procedures
Day-to-day cloud operations management
Vendor, 3rd-party, SLA & OLA management
Cloud infrastructure in-house vs. outsourcing
Cloud optimization mechanisms

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