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Participation in the Discussion Forum

Calendar of Virtual “In-Discussion” with Industry experts

Local Gatherings for in-depth discussions on Local issues

Research Library of content from experts in the Digital Ecosystem

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IDCA Membership Community

The IDCA Membership provides a space for contributors in sharing experiences, working through problems, championing innovation, and rewarding those that do so. Through participation in IDCA membership community platform, meeting fellow contributors at locations across the globe and sharing content, IDCA aims to be the first place that those within the Digital Infrastructure industry come to with a problem or idea – and the community will become the driving force for change into the 21st century and beyond.

Expert Conversations

Take part in conversations with experts from across the Digital Ecosystem in our program of virtual “In-Discussion” events – a chance for an intimate exchange not available outside the Membership Community.

Research Library

The IDCA is already an organisation that has demonstrated they have the personnel and relationships with the greatest degree of expertise in the Digital Ecosystem today. These experts will come together to provide a comprehensive library of exclusive research that will contribute to the actions of the future.

Getting Together

IDCA Local Gatherings

There are some discussions that can only take place at a local level, issues that are caused by local regulations or geographical challenges, and solutions that are only to be found in a particular area. IDCA Local Chapters will be the place to meet in-person to focus on these locally relevant and specific matters and collaborate for improvement and advancement, with a chance to meet and network with your industry peers, across industry verticals.

Membership Info

What is the IDCA Membership Community?
IDCA’s Membership Community seeks to reward the individual usage of those contributing.

The more individuals use the platform to expand their personal development the more rewards they gain.

Those within the IDCA Membership Community will feel that they are part of a group that share the same vision – to come together to solve the problems of industry and grow their own careers.

The IDCA Membership Community is not here to stipulate the path forward, we are here to provide the chance to develop it together.