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The IDCA Membership provides a space for contributors in sharing experiences, working through problems, championing innovation, and rewarding those that do so. Through participation in IDCA membership community platform, meeting fellow contributors at locations across the globe and sharing content, IDCA aims to be the first place that those within the Digital Infrastructure industry come to with a problem or idea – and the community will become the driving force for change into the 21st century and beyond.

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The infinite space for the industry to innovate, connect, learn, share, and interact...

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Introducing Digital Universe

Digital Universe Media Group of IDCA fully reflects IDCA' s intention and commitment to lead in the collaborative sharing of knowledge, understanding, and skills in the age and on the edge of the digital transformation, Industry 4.0 of all sectors of the world's economies and societies. The depth and breadth of the experience and expertise within the team at Digital Universe Media Group will underpin the Exclusive Content and Experts at Membership Community Events - members have exclusive access to their knowledge.

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Lizabeth Hood

Global Head of Memberships - IDCA

We would be very glad to show you around the Membership Community and discuss further how it can benefit you personally and if applicable your organization. Contact Lizabeth using the form below and we will be in contact to arrange a call shortly.

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What is the key tenet of the IDCA Membership Community?

Rewarding to those who participate and contribute - encouraging personal development and organizational growth through belonging to a group that share the the same vision of an inclusive and innovative community.

What has the IDCA Membership Community pledged not to be?

Exclusionary - the contribution, knowledge and experiences of everyone in the Digital Ecosystem matters. From Cloud, Colocation and Enterprise through to Vendors and Independent Consultants every opinion matters An IDCA Mouthpiece - the IDCA Membership Community provides the framework and expertise, but it is the members of the community that develop the path forward.

Other Benefits

IDCA Exclusives will be the placet to meet in-person to focus on these locally relevant and specific.