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Cybersecurity Infrastructure Expert (CSIE

The Cybersecurity Infrastructure Expert (CSIE)® course is designed to leverage engineering in cybersecurity to address the risks associated with the application and data. The CSIE® course covers the security consideration for the Application Ecosystem® and its seven (7) layers to adequately secure the application.

3 Certification
5 Days (40 Hours)
In-Person & Virtual

Who Should Take This Course?

Cybersecurity Experts
Cybersecurity Engineers
Cybersecurity Architects
Red Team
Blue Team
Cybersecurity Specialists
Cybersecurity Supervisors
Cybersecurity Consultants
IDCA Certified Professoinals

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What You Will Learn

Advanced engineering and design principles
Cybersecurity architecture
Application reliability and security engineering
Operating systems and virtualization security
Hash & authentication and symmetric key ciphers
Public key cryptographic infrastructure
Data encryption and network security
Latest cybersecurity engineering best practices

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