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25 May 2022

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Belgian start-up launches digital vault for storing sensitive company data

An Antwerp, Belgium-based start-up has developed a digital vault for companies. Hypervault's solution is aimed at businesses, service providers, and others who need a GDPR-compliant way to securely store sensitive data.

Its solution, called a Vault in the Cloud, targets specifically small and medium-sized businesses in both highly technological countries and economies that have just started their digital transformation. Small and medium-sized companies tend to underestimate the risks of cyberattacks as well as compliance issues when storing their sensitive information or the sensitive data of their clients.

Hypervault's founders want to provide companies with a secure environment for their sensitive data. They claim that the SaaS platform they developed is extremely secure. Digital vaults are secured with advanced encryption. All data is being encrypted on endpoint devices and on customers' systems. Only encrypted information is stored on the company's servers. According to the startup, they are not able to decrypt this data themselves.

Hypervault's team spent two years developing the vault with the European legal framework in mind. Since an increasing number of companies allow their employees to work remotely, employers and their customers are concerned about where sensitive and confidential information is stored. According to Hypervault, the legal rules in the EU are clearer than when working with an American provider, for example, both inside the EU and outside of it. They claim that the stricter regulations in the EU make it more secure.

Photo credit: Sergey Zolkin

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