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16 Mar 2023

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Geothermal Being Developed in Tiny Dominica

Posted with permission from ESG Impact Zone.

The development of Geothermal in the Commonwealth of Dominica - a small Caribbean island-nation with 75,000 residents - has moved to a new stage with the beginning of drilling of the reinjection well on Friday, March 10, 2023. This follows the successful completion of the production well last year.

The reinjection well is an integral part of any geothermal power plant. This well will be drilled to a depth of up to 1500 m but may be of a lesser depth depending on what is found as drilling goes along. According to the government of Dominica, "Drilling is to last upwards of 28 days".

The geothermal project ongoing in the village of Laudat in the Roseau Valley constituency is being developed by the Dominica Geothermal Development Company, which is a completely owned entity of the Government of Dominica.

The update was also shared by Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit on his official Twitter account. Notably, during mid-2022, the Prime Minister of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, stated that a contract had already been signed with the Iceland Drilling Company, which will drill two additional wells, and meanwhile, the construction work for the well pads and access roads had already been going on during that time.

Later, the government of Dominica issued a call for Expressions of Interest for the supply, design and installation of a transmission network from the planned geothermal substation at Roseau Valley.

Photograph from Encyclopedia Brittanica.

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