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5 Oct 2022

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Less Than $20,000' For Tesla's Humanoid Robot

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter that his company's latest creation, the Tesla humanoid robot, will be available to purchase. The announcement came as Musk revealed the working prototype of the Robot to several news organizations, including CNBC.

Tesla has unveiled its Optimus humanoid Robot at AI Day 2022, and Elon Musk believes it will cost "less than $20,000" to develop and make available to the public.

The giant AI company showcased the working prototype of its humanoid Robot - a project first announced in 2021 at Tesla's AI day.

There were two projects presented at the event. The first version of the bot, Bumble C, was created using semi-off-the-shelf actuators. The event day was a testing ground for Tesla's first Robot made with internal components.

At the event, Bumble C walked on stage. However, there wasn't much it did on stage, but it walked about and waved to the crowd. Some videos of Tesla's Robot performing some tasks in a controlled environment demonstrated the Robot's usefulness.

Tesla brought on stage its first generation Optimus robot after presenting Bumble C. However, since Tesla couldn't get the new one to walk yet, it didn't lead with it and showed a rougher prototype first.

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, said the new Robot would be able to walk within the next few weeks, but he showed it today because it is more like the final version of the Robot: the one going into production for the public.

Additionally, the simulator couldn't do much onstage and needed to be carried by Tesla employees. Musk explained that this version was designed with actuators, batteries, and power electronics.

In February of 2022, Tesla revealed it had the prototype, which led to this new version supposedly about to walk.

Tesla shares the Optimus specs, which include a 2.3 kWh battery pack, enough to power the Robot for a full day. The company CEO further revealed that the self-driving AI used in Tesla cars would be used in the Robot to enhance performance.

The specifications and primary features were introduced before going in-depth on how the bot was being developed and integrating artificial intelligence and robotic mechanics. Tesla's AI Day is about recruiting, and Tesla is essentially showing off what it is working on to attract talent interested in those details.

Consumers have seen plenty of impressive humanoid robots before, but what makes Tesla's robots so different is the focus on creating a machine that can be mass-produced - not one-off projects that have been released before.

He added that Tesla's edge is that its Robot will be driven by its AI, which has been developed mostly for self-driving technology. So Tesla should utilize that to enable the Robot to traverse the world and complete specific tasks.

The CEO repeated previous statements about how the use of Optimus can result in a fundamental change in society as we know it by reducing poverty to negligible amounts when used in the fields of industry.

In his view, the cost of the Robot ought to be less than $20,000, and he has not updated the timeline for production but previously said Tesla planned to start mass production of the robots by next year.

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