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26 Jun 2023

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Overcoming Obstacles to Circularity

Posted with permission from ESG Impact Zone.

Earlier this month, a group of business leaders gathered in Seattle to envision what a circular economy would look like. Circularity 23 focused on everything from plastics to composting to recycling. GreenBiz also introduced its newest cohort of Emerging Leaders, members of the next generation of Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) leaders in the circular economy. 

As we embark on the mission to create a new model of an economy, we are looking to the next generation to truly upend the business world and create new business practices. So GreenBiz asked these leaders: What do you see as the largest obstacle to corporate circularity strategies, and how would you overcome it?

Many outlined the need to put people over profit and focus on environmental justice alongside the developments in a circular economy. A link to remarks by the leading voices is now available.

Photo from ESG Impact Zone.

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