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7 Feb 2022

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IDCA Launches New Website

Washington D.C., Feb 7th, 2022: International Data Center Authority (IDCA) today announced that it has launched its new website. The news comes after months of effort on behalf of IDCA’s knowledge engineers and technical developers. “The idea was to make information more accessible and easily available to our audience,” stated G.H. Chief Communications Officer (CCO) at IDCA. “The new IDCA website was work-in-progress over the past two years. It is the result of much effort from our architects, designers, content writers, and knowledge engineers, and they all did an amazing job.” G.H. continued.

“The new design entails much more user-friendliness, speed, and is optimized for use on almost any browser, tablet, or smartphone. Along with the new website a series of new amazing features were launched, such as industry news, advisory, webinar and conference platforms, as well as a very powerful backend to support our members,” stated Wilson Laia, Agent of Industry’s Prosperity and Development at IDCA. Laia continued, “Our development doesn’t stop here. We have amazing features coming up over the next weeks, which will all be announced in due course and as they get launched.”

This announcement comes as IDCA keeps on unleashing its plans for 2022 and beyond with back-to-back news, updates, and developments.

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