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21 Apr 2023

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Alibaba's DingTalk Enters Generative AI Competition

The generative AI playground battle continues, with China's Alibabe announcing that it's embedding its large-language model (LLM) Tongy/Qianwen into its DingTalk digital collaboration workplace. According to the company, DingtTalk will now able to write posts from simple user prompts.

Thus it's aimed squarely at Microsoft-supported OpenAI ChatGPT, which has stolen most of the thunder from this emerging market this year, and Google's Bard, which is looking like a Shakespearean tragedy at the moment.

The DingTalk announcement was made in Beijing, with subsidiary President Ye Jun holding a live press conference. The app can also summarize previous conversations in a group chat when a new member is added to the thread, Ye said, and help make conversations livelier by generating stickers based on text prompts.

Chinese company TikTok has joined the fray as well, launching an ML platform that “can help train LLMs with extremely low latency,” the company said.

Image from DingTalk.

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