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3 Feb 2023

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ChatGPT Flies to Top of App Hit Parade List

ChatGPT looks to be a modern-day Beatles invasion, shooting to 100 million active users faster than any other app in the short history of apps, according to research from SimilarWeb. The generative AI brainchild of OpenAI and now massively funded with $10 billion by Microsoft, ChatGPT has been put through the paces by millions of people from the tech industry trying to trip it up with questions and arguments about most conceivable topics.

SimilarWeb statistics show about one-quarter of interrogators coming from the US, with 7% from India and the rest from dozens of nations around the world. Its recent success has led OpenAI to announced a subscription fee of $20 per month, ending the halcyon free-use days, in what the company says is an effort to stabilize and strengthen the platform.

The recent, third generation of AI has grabbed the leadership of key topics in the software side of the global enterprise IT and digital infrastructure industry. Although AI itself was recently forecast to grow to a modest $10 billion in market size, generative AI specifically imbues every conversation about new infrastructure, software development, and customer experiences.

OpenAI and Microsoft may have achieved significant first-user advantage with the platform's sudden breakthrough. With 11 months remaining in 2023, the race this year is far from over, as one would expect big developments to come from Google, Facebook, and perhaps others during the course of the year.

(Note: this post was written by a human being, not ChatAPI or any other form of AI.)

Image from SimilarWeb.

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