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13 Jan 2023

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ChatGPT Focus Sharpens with Talk of Microsoft's $10 Billion Investment

Yes, that's 10 billion dollars, the amount Microsoft is being said to consider investing in the newly emergent AI chat creator ChatGPT, according to a story originally broken by Semafor.

The amount may only be a .227 Twitter, but would establish a market cap of $29 billion, larger than even the most valuable of US airlines.

Barron's has pronounced this development as potentially meaning "trouble" for Google, and the New York Times felt compelled to run fashion shots (in a manner of speaking) of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and ChatGPT creator Open AI's founder Sam Altman.

ChatGPT's potential is already raising concerns about bottlenecks in the sheer scope of hardware power it needs to function. Its AI model has 175 billion parameters. One estimate calculates to a requirement of more than 2.5 million V100 Nvidia GPUs running for an hour to train it.

The entire history of personal computing has been characterized by software concepts demanding more hardware power than available, from spreadsheets that would take several minutes to run what-if scenarios in the early days, to graphics and then video overwhelming memory and bandwidth, to mobility straining constrained resources in small devices, and now to the new dawn of AI representing colossal demands on existing Digital Infrastructure.

ChatGPT is the glamor app at the moment, but should be thought of a harbinger of things to come. The challenge to creators of Digital Infrastructure is not so much maintaining Moore's Law but simply building enough datacenters, networking, and the sustainable electricity to power them, starting today and lasting into the imaginable future.

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