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20 Mar 2023

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Company Completes Geothermal Evaluation for Morocco

Gesto has concluded the evaluation of Morocco geothermal potential. Following the study of the geothermal potential of the northern oriental area of the country, Gesto has now completed the assessment of the geothermal potential of Morocco's southern provinces, finalizing the country's geothermal potential evaluation.

The main outcomes of Morocco's southern provinces geothermal evaluation were presented to the top management team of Morocco's National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM) at a meeting held last February 14 in Rabat.

The project was divided into 4 phases, the first and second phase consisted of data collection, which comprised a field campaign to collect water and rock samples, as well as a geophysical campaign to measure porosity and permeability in water wells. Phase 3 and 4 have resulted in the analysis of the collected information, numerical modeling, definition of geothermal resource utilization for each of the defined geothermal zones, and presentation of an action plan for the development of geothermal potential.

During the meeting, Gesto team presented the main achievements of the project, including the strategy for the use and development of geothermal energy, both for direct use and for power generation for the coming years in the southern provinces of Morocco, over an area of more than 140,000 km2.

Morocco currently generates about 15% of its electricity from renewables, below the world average.

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