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17 Aug 2022

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Edge Impulse Now Supports BrainChip Neuromorphic AI.

Edge Impulse, a recognized leader in automotive-grade solutions that accelerate machine learning inference on edge devices, announced that it will now provide compatibility support with BrainChip’s neuromorphic AI architecture in its Edge AI Compute product, including the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) and the Artificial Intelligence Computer (AIC).

The company’s Edge Impulse Compiler solution will now be able to take advantage of the BrainChip architecture to deliver further speed improvements in complex AI applications.

As a result of the agreement, developers can now create and train machine learning models with the BrainChip Akida platform that are specifically adapted to and compatible with the Spiking Neural Network (SNN).

To activate this feature on existing and new projects, engineers can use the BrainChip MetaTF deployment block integrated into the platform. In addition, this feature is free for users and enterprise developers to develop and validate neuromorphic models for deploying robust edge applications.

“The combination of BrainChip’s advanced technology and Edge Impulse’s industry-leading developer experience gives users an easy and seamless way for deploying ML at the edge using efficient and essential SNNs algorithms that help the advancement of solving real-world problems of all types,” Said Jan Jongboom, CTO at Edge Impulse.

Edge Impulse has launched a public project related to image classification. As a result, experienced researchers can jump-start their work by adapting algorithms for the next generation of neuromorphic computing.

The program enables ML experts to develop Akida-compatible models using the Edge Impulse expert mode. This program also enables Tensorflow models, which can be mixed with low-precision bits ranging from 1-4.

“Being the commercial leader in edge AI on-chip learning and neuromorphic AI IP availability, BrainChip must establish our ecosystem with key partnerships and technology leaders such as Edge Impulse. Both companies are creating an advantage for the ML community.” The chief development officer at BrainChip, Anil Mankar, Commented.

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